Currently, most block trading systems have a terminal inconveniently located on their trading floor requiring a trader or portfolio manager to physically relocate themselves to see trade advertisements from sellside brokers.

The current systems are inefficient, costly in price and result in missed trade opportunities because:

- Ads are not updated in real-time,

- Ads are not seen in real-time,

- Receivers of ads are not able to efficiently communicate interest,

- Initiators of ads are not able to offer more information on an advertisement.

Indii was developed by Marshall Caro, over the last three years and has been operational for the last 15 months. Indii was created to address the needs of sellside equity teams to more effectively advertise their product and service their buyside clients.

The Indii solution solves the problems with the current block trading systems by offering:

- A simple to use and understand window display that resides on the desktop of the user,

- All communications are via the internet in real-time and each user can utilize our unique intelligent instant messaging service to communicate more efficiently and effectively,

The solution is customizable allowing clients to see the information most relevant to them,

The service is less expensive due to Indii’s lower monthly fees in relation to the current offerings and the cost savings from faster executions due to better communication between buyers and sellers.


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